Teaming with Farmers

Curiosity Shop has begun a co-op model where we team with farms that grow cannabis by the same ethos we do, the environment comes first! We have enough pollution and world problems for our children to deal with, and anything worth doing is worth doing right! We believe the right way to farm cannabis is by bio dynamic, regenerative, and sustainable practices. 

Farming is hard work!

Our model is designed to let farmers be farmers. Do what you love and what you do best. We help curate a menu, procure germplasm, and consult where needed. After harvest we do a crop buyback at a fair price so the farm can get paid for their hard work and plan for their future. 

Then we have the flower trimmed, tested, packaged in our beautiful custom glass jars that allow the consumer see the beautiful flower within. We then take it out to retail shops all over California. 

We launched this co-op program with one of the best farms in Sonoma County California, a bit about them below.

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About the farm

Sweet Creek Farm is a small, family-run farmstead nestled high in the Sonoma County hills overlooking the pristine Russian River Valley. The terroir of our unique micro-climate is reflected in the exceptional, sun-grown cannabis, lush avocados and sweet bananas we cultivate.



Each plant is lovingly nurtured from seed to harvest by us; Mama Ki and daughter Keala. We take tremendous pride in our growing philosophy, regenerative practices, and final product.



Regenerative Techniques

Our approach to growing cannabis centers around sustainability. From the solar-powered irrigation system fed by rainwater catchment to the pollinator-friendly companion flowers integrated into the garden, we care deeply about the quality of our plants, the health of the environment and the well-being of the community we serve.


Banana Daydream

In 2019 Banana Daydream bc-1 seeds were planted at Sweet Creek Farm.





(Oger 99 x Sunshine Daydream)


Oger 99 is a combination of Orgnkd's Banana Og crossed into a male from Brother's Grimm Cinderella 99. This was made by Dutchgrown Seeds around 2009.

The same female cut of oger 99 mothered 2 consecutive generations.  

37 females were found from 70 seeds.

8 out of every 10 females had a smell like the mother.

The range tends to go from banana bread, to tropical banana, to a skunky banana aroma. These plants finish pretty early, typically beginning harvest around mid September.


The THC levels  20-24%


Terpene profile:





The effect is uplifting, creative, social, and functional. Many consumers like to hike, excersize, or play outdoors after smoking Banana Daydream.

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sweet creek logo jpg.jpg